Taste My Town | Services
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Private food tours

The food tour provides an overview of the history, origin and methods of production of different traditional Tuscan and Italian foods and of their role in the daily Florentine diet, through guided tastings in artisanal gourmet shops in town and at the local food market.

Academic food tours for visiting students with a focus on the history of Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet and on sustainable practices and farm to table shops. The food tour offers a cultural introduction to Italian and Tuscan cuisine, through several tastings of selected foods in small artisanal shops.

Private itinerary with a personal food shopper to the best gourmet shops, local markets and wine shops in town.

Customized private food and wine routes in rural Tuscany with overnight stays in farmhouses, visits, tastings and dinners at small farms and family-run businesses whose products are the result of a slow, accurate work, and respectful of the nature and the ecosystem.